Saturday, September 17, 2011

"What is that smell????...... WRINKLES!!!!"

I (WE) LOVE it when we have family visitors... these family visitors are typically, either: Kerri Plazza, Laurie Campshure, Daddy (mine), and/or Heather. Besides the listed above, we dont really get to see other family. At least not within the past 1.5 years! Well... we have visitors down!!!

Kerri called me Thursday and surprised me with the news that her and mom (really her mom, but shes mine now!) were coming to visit this weekend! This is GREAT news! I hadnt seen Kerri since her wedding back in Feb. of this year and mom just recently came 2-3 weeks ago to help us move into the condo.
Robert and I were both thrilled!
So they got in this afternoon, we did lunch at Red Lobster (Robert and his cravings) then Kerri, mom and myself proceeded to the beach to locate them a hotel for the night and of course to do a walk. We encountered jelly fish, strange men, and of course the lady who was too large for the teenie tiny bikini top. Over all was a lovely walk on the beach!

We were all about ready for dinner so we came back to my place to meet up with Robert, grabbed some pizza and beer for Kerri and began watching a movie. It was throughout this movie that my journal title is produced. Unfortunately, our English bull dog, Wrinkles, is nick named "Stinkles" for a reason. Well she wanted to let everyone know, probably about every 15-20 minutes that she was in the room, by producing a wonderful odor that immediately distracted everyone from the movie, so that all eyes (and laughs) were on her!
Gotta love her!

Mom and Kerri have left for the evening and plan to meet back up tomorrow morning for a few hours before they depart to go back to Sarasota... booo! But hey, at least we are having a great time and loads of laughs while they are down!

Lets see what tomorrow brings us!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Shame Shame.. on me.

Well.. I didnt keep up my journal for... well.. almost all of 2011! I wish I could be more dedicated to writing in one of these! I've stumbled across a few old friends blogs that they use to write in back in highschool (yea, I did too...) so I'm hoping to get back into a routine for this!

At any case, its been an interesting year! Last post, my nephew Riley was born.. few weeks later, little AJ was born also!

We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary, by going back to Wisconsin! We had a GREAT time! Our anniversary day, we became the god parents of Mr. Riley August! Had a lovely cookout at Betsy and Ryans and then the entire family, Betsy, Ryan, Riley, Rhianna, Arlyn, Alaina, Debra, AJ, Colleen, Lonnie, Robert and myself all went to Prime Quarter for dinner. For those of you who dont know, Prime Quarter was the restaurant we had our wedding reception at. It was great to actually be able to eat the food there this time. Amazing!

Few weeks ago, we also moved. Not far, only about 10 minutes away, into a cute condo. Love it so far! I also recently started going back to school for another degree. I'm in between Business Administration and Marketing. As I'm getting further and further into my Accounting class, I'm thinking I will convert to Marketing! BA involves too much Accounting and it is NOT a strong subject of mine! To those of you who enjoy Accounting, hats down to you! (Leave me your name and number as well, so I know who to contact for next chapter's homework! Thanks!)

Bed Time!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cold... Cold... Cold

Its freezing outside... how about there?! Yeah, If its cold here in Florida, it HAS to be cold every where else!!

Yesterday my first nephew was born!!

Riley August Rosenow!!
7 lbs 5 ounces; 20.5 inches long
He is beyond precious and I can't wait to meet him the next time we go up north.

Recently I also went to Sarasota for Ms. Kerri's bridal shower. Nice weekend get away and had a good time with friends.
Jennie came from Wisconsin, Kerri's Maid of Honor, and then she also had another bridesmaid, Sandi come in from New York! Sandi will be Kerri's new Cousin-in-law?! Guess that could work..

And of course I have to show off the final product of the cupcakes that were made for the shower! Wish I would of been able to make them the morning of, but the night before worked out better for us. This day was the whole reason why I created 3 batches in the past month, for practice!
I've come to enjoy baking  a lot recently. Even more now than back in the day. Robert got my baking classes for my christmas present, which start the first week in Jan. I can't to learn more about it and to be able to bake more!

While I was away for a few days, Robert was home with our lovely girls! This was one afternoon that was gorgeous outside so daddy took them outside for a little while. As you can see, they loved it! I'm sure they would have wished the leashes weren't on, but hey, you cant have your cake and eat it too!

Hopefully I'll get back on this thing before the year is up! One post in December just isnt good enough!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cupcakes / Hair / Bamboo Noah / Shopping

I finally got my hair cut this morning! Alaina (my sister in law) would be soo proud of me!! She got a little mad at me when she cut my hair a few days before the wedding back in July when she learned that she was the last person to cut my hair (11 months before then). But I did it! Nothing dramatic, just a trim. It needed it though.

I have also been on a cupcake spree! I'm baking cupcakes for a college friend, Kerri's bridal shower in 2 weeks. I had to do a few practice batches because they were new recipes. Then I found an icing kit so I had to try that out also!

This was my first batch... the color icing is what I'm going to keep because the wedding colors are tiffany blue and black. I think its perfect!

Then this was my second batch.. of course I changed icing colors!! This was also testing out one of the new icing tips I got! Loved the flower! So adorable.

I'm sure I'll make one more batch before the party but dont know what I'll do with them yet. I'll think about it! I have all thanksgiving off to bake! :)
After my hair appointment, Robert and I had lunch with my second mom, Laurie (Kerri's mom :) ) We ate at our new favorite restaurant, Bamboo Noah. Laurie was over to pick up her mom from a cruise and to go down to the keys for a few days! It was great to see someone we knew and to have lunch with them and be able to talk and socialize!
Here you can also see my hair cut, but again, only about an inch was cut, so I'm sure theres no visible difference! and of course you cant tell that I've been working out! grrr! Maybe one day!

Tonight we actually got half of our Christmas shopping done! That was exciting! I'm hoping to finish it all up before my deadline of Dec 1st still. Then we will be able to start shipping them up north, whoo hoo!! Last year I started decorating for Christmas the weekend after thanksgiving.. havent decided if I will be doing that again this year or not. We'll see..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slacking / Gym / Slurpees!

I've been slacking on updating this.. yes.. yes... I know.

Work is starting to occupy more time! Plus I joined a gym down the street, Bally's to be used as a stress reliever. So far so good. I joined a few weeks ago and took 4 days off last week but picked it back up. Jogged on the treadmill for 30 minutes tonight but needed to get home to make dinner and take care of a few things at home. It was nice, I enjoyed it!

This past weekend, we went to the dog park again. So far we only missed one weekend trip to the dog park for the past 4 weeks! Mind you, this weekend was probably the first truly cool weather weekend we've had for the season, so on our way home we stopped for...

Yes, we are crazy, but they were AMAZING!!

I cant even tell you the last time I had a slurpee.

Tonight I placed our order for Christmas cards and wedding thank you cards off shutterfly. Thank goodness I have been collecting the free cards codes because man.. are their cards expensive! I ordered a total of 75 5x7 cards, which do include envelopes, and paid $10.69 ($9.99 for shipping + tax) and saved.. $149.95!!! I couldn't imagine paying 149.95 + shipping for 75 cards and envelopes! Sure they are photo cards, but STILL!! At any case, Robert was happy also for me collecting the silly codes! That was also how we were able to get our wedding photo book made! Waited for them to go on sale, saved my gift card from target, and gift card from davids bridal and bam! Got it for $24 something instead of $119!!! (I also had free shipping!)

This weekend I plan on testing out 2 healthy cupcake recipes for Kerri's bridal shower in a few weeks. I found an Apple Cinnamon and a Chocolate Cherry. I hope at least one turn out tasty that I can use! I'll make sure to post about that cooking adventure!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dog Park!

 We went to the dog park this evening. The girls LOVE going there. Seems as though each time we go, the more they seem to branch out and play with the other dogs.

Abby of course has never really been a pup that plays with other dogs that she doesnt know. She's very shy!!
She normally walks next to us and if she gets her nose on a scent she'll go a few feet behind us and then once she realizes I've continued on, she will run and yes, I do mean RUN to come back to us!

Wrinkles on the other hand, doesnt have a care in the world and will go after other dogs and could be on the other side of the park from us and doesnt care!

Occasionally, as we walk by her she will come walk with us but once some dogs come by she is off to play with them!

 I joined a English Bulldog group online however they dont really meet to have play dates, so far they only meet to work adoption fairs and to foster out bull dogs. Due to being in an apartment, fostering would not be a good option for us. Not to mention, two dogs is enough for us!

After an hour at the dog park... this is the Abby we get! Knocked out sleeping in her bed for the rest of the evening!!

Wrinkles will sleep for a little while as well, but nothing like Abby!

We are still trying to get into a routine of taking them every weekend... some times it doesnt happen, but I try to get them out at least every other weekend at the minimum.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bazinga / Turned Up Turquoise

The Big Bang Theory!!

We purchased Season three of one of our favorite TV Shows! Thanks to Roberts mom for getting us hooked on it! Surprise! Surprise!!

Robert was so excited about it he decided to take it out of the package in the car just to take a photo of the shirt and DVD Cover!

We watched the first 2 shows of it tonight. Oh how I missed watching it! I wanted to watch another one, but of course that would then lead to another one and another one and then we'd be done with it all in one night! So we try to space them out and watch only 2-3 seasons a night.

Between doing the laundry, and talking to Kerri :) I painted my nails! I've realized I really like this color! It's called Turned Up Turquoise! Pretty Snazzy!

I'm going to start my hunt for Tiffany Blue polish for Kerri's wedding along with tracking down my shoes for her wedding and some Blue Pa-zaz for them! I'm going to totally rock the Black and Tiffany Blue colors!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Second Love....

... Tiramisu!!!

Yes, its true!! Got this lovely piece of amazing-ness at Cannoli Kitchen. A cute place by the Target we went to.

We originally were going to Target to get this awesome game I saw on TV.. Scrabble Flash! And I must admit, its a pretty snazzy game! Robert and I played a few rounds of it and its pretty cool! Reminds us of textie twist on our phones.

Well today was a rather rough day, so going to cut this shorter than normal! Hope everyone has a great evening!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wedding Book Posted Below!

So today was rather slow, so I went on and worked on creating a photo book online. We received a giftcard for $20 at target to give this site a shot and now that I have our wedding photos I figured I'd go on and give it a shot. I'm going to wait a bit longer before actually printing it, as I want to get comments from friends and family once they look it over! I'm also not ready to spend the $70+ on it even with the $20 off!

So it has been a good week this week. Busy though. Lots of working and I decided this weekend I was not going to work. Last night Robert bought me a mattress topper for the bed, wasn't too bad seeing as though I slept in this morning! Sure I got up twice because of whatever reasons my body wanted to wake up for.

We pretty much just laid around all day... very relaxing! Went to dinner at a new East Fusion Buffet... yea.. never again! Overpriced and the food wasn't very good! But hey, at least we tried something new!

Tomorrow I have to do laundry and hopefully we will get the dogs out to the park again! I'd like to get into a routine of taking them every weekend.

I was also set on joining a gym and that didnt happen either. Ran into a lady at one of the hospitals on Friday and she goes to one, so I was trying to figure out which one I wanted to go to. The one she is at or my original place. Well today, I decided I'm going to stick with my original place, as it is cheaper. Now I've realized I need to get tennis shoes. Those who have known me within the past 4+ years.. I'm sure can count on one hand how many times they have seen me in tennis shoes! So I need to look into that situation!

Alright, well.... Its time to go get ready for bed... maybe sneak in a movie!

Enjoy the wedding photos!!

Wedding Book

Click here to view this photo book larger